Since the inception of gamified casinos, slot games have been the center piece of the industry. Popularity ratings show that slot games remain the most popular casino gameimages based on their clientele base. Firms in this industry have been rolling out games at a record rate just to keep up with the changing tastes and preferences of the clientele base. Since January, over 50 slot games have been released, each with slight adjustments to match a certain set of preferences. The popularity of these games is based on their simplicity and the ability to offer instant results. A recent study on gambling showed that gamblers prefer games with instant results as opposed to those with delayed results such as sportsbook betting.

Today, access to slot games has been made easier and more convenient by with the help mobile phones and downloadable apps. Introduction of these apps means that prospective clients need only to download the app and try his/her luck while on the go. App based sites like to offer a one stop shop for all the slot games.

Evolution of Slot Games

Slot games have seen a lot of innovation in a bid to keep the players interested. The pioneer of gamified slot games was the classic 3 reel slot game. Reels are spinning symbols on the front of a slot machine. The 3 reel slot games offer the simplest route to a jackpot compared to other versions of the game. The traditional 3 reel slot game requires the client to match three icons on the reels to win. The five and seven reel slot games require the client to match five and seven icons on the reel which is more difficult to achieve. To remedy the difficulty attached to the 5 and 7 reel versions, firms in this industry offer bigger jackpots and bonuses for these games. Ranked as high risk games, the 5 and 7 reel versions offer high reward to any would be customer.