When it comes to gambling, slots machines are available in every casino. Traditionally, one had to go to the casino to play the slots games. However, you can now play slots online on your computer or smartphone. Popular sites like simijuegos.com have some good recommendations for sites you can play and make money at. There are different types of slots that allow you to play on multiple machines which increase your chances of winning a jackpot. Below are the different types of online slots games you can play:

Classic slots

It is one of the oldslotmachines_601xest slots games in the history of casino. It features three reels and one pay line. Classic slots are visually clear and easy to use for first-timers. However, experienced slot players still enjoy its simplicity. For advanced players, there are additional five-reel slots with features like bonus games, scatter symbols, and multiplier symbols. Recently, 7 reel slot machines have been included and they are gaining in popularity. The machine has three buttons for betting one coin or the maximum amount payable per spin. If the pay line you have matches the picture, you win a prize.

Video slots games

These are currently among the most popular online slots games. Video slots have more than 100 pay lines and many bonus symbols. Their creative design is limitless. They have thousands of games you can choose from and mini-games that will keep you entertained. Most players today prefer the five-reel video slots. It has free spins, more gambling features, scatter and wild symbols and beautiful themes. Game developers are working on 7 and 9 reel slots which are more interactive and entertaining.

Fruit Machines

Fruit machines were introduced to deal with the prohibition of slots machines in any other place than the casino. They are more interactive and have more gambling features than classic slots. However, they require more player interaction. Its gamble features include the “Hi” and “Lo” buttons. You can use the buttons after every win. It presents you with the option of guessing the next card in the game.