Hair Trends for Spring Summer 2018

As we finally move into spring and look towards summer we can finally stop worrying about the winter weather and what it does for our hair. We change our wardrobe in spring, we clean our houses out and refresh in spring, so why shouldn’t you do the same for your hair. In this blog, we’ll look at the latest trends for hairstyles to make sure you are on point this spring.

Fringe benefit

If you have always fancied a fringe but have never had one, then this season is the perfect opportunity to get one. Choppy fierce styles are in – if you’re brave you could even cut it yourself. Sweeping side fringes are also very much in.

Pump up the volume

Over the past few years, styles have been dominated by heavily controlled, hyper straight styles. This season natural hair textures are back, so roughed up looks and voluminous curves are all in. Embrace your hair’s natural curls and let your hair flow.

Hair accessories

We love that hair accessories are back this season. Hairbands were on the catwalk, with embellished bejewelled versions showing. Our favourite style is pearl adorned schoolgirl clips which work perfectly with a side-parted fringe. School photograph style is back.

Believe in pixies

Short cropped pixie cuts are back. Popular in the 1960s and again in the early 1990s, the style is back. If you’ve never gone super short before, there’s never been a better time. A short cut really brings out your features and they are so easy to maintain. Just blow dry and add some serum or gel to enhance the short cut.

Avoiding heat

Air dried hair is a look we’re going to be seeing everywhere this summer. Your hair will thank you for avoiding the hairdryer and straighteners. Make sure to keep your air-dried hair in top condition by using a no blow dry cream. This will help keep frizz under control.

Simple ponytail

The simple ponytail, seen in playgrounds across the country is in this season. I’ve seen some interesting ways of tying it up, however. Look out for leather ties instead of bobbles. This will give you a more mature, contemporary look.

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