Hairdryers that will blow you away

Blowdrying our hair can be a chore, especially if we use a substandard hairdryer. In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the best hairdryers on the market just now that will blow you away.

GHD Aura

GHD straighteners are something that nearly every woman will own at some point. Their high quality and ability to tame even the wildest of hair made them ubiquitous. GHD bring this same quality to their hairdryers in the Aura model. This dryer has a high-quality feel, which is helped by its cool wall technology, meaning it’s cool to the touch, even on the highest heat setting. It’s got an airflow that’s precise for styling and the air temperature never reaches more than 137°, which is the optimum temperature for styling without damage.

Dyson Supersonic

A completely different concept in hairdrying, the Dyson supersonic redesigns the device to look unlike any other hairdryer. Based on the technology from their bladeless fan, the hairdryer actually does use blades, but they are internalised. The benefits of this system mean it will take about half the amount of time and with a lot less noise. In practice, this hairdryer does exactly that with reports of hair drying time being cut by up to a third. There is an internal heat sensor to ensure the airflow is never so hot that it damages your hair. The hairdryer also works as an ioniser to stock static affecting your hair styling after it is dry. Though expensive, this is a great hairdryer.

Trevor Sorbie Dry and Shine

Though it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the other hairdryers I mention here, this one gives a smooth and sleek blow-dry, drying my hair in a similar amount of time to the others. This machine also comes with a UK/EU plug, so you won’t need an adapter when you travel abroad. It’s around a tenth of the price of the Dyson model mentioned too, so it’s the most affordable hairdryer on this list.

Tresemmé 2200 Diffuser Dryer

This dryer dries effectively, quickly and the diffusor gives your hair great bounce. Larger and bulkier than the other dryers here, it is the only one with a diffuser and for the price it’s a great value hairdryer, especially if you use a diffuser.

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