Makeup shopping savvy

Most of us if we admit it, deep down are hardened bargain hunters – there is something that’s just so satisfying knowing that you got the best deal for your money. This shopping savvy extends to our beauty buys too, and although it can be easy to be bamboozled by pretty packaging and a celebrity endorsement, remember the important thing is what it can do for your beauty look.

To help you avoid needless expense when it comes to your beauty buys, yet still shop for what you want and need, we’ve got some handy tips for you. So next time you’re needing some new makeup, be sure to try these out.

Shop online

Although shopping in store means you can check out shades accurately, as long as you don’t need the product right this second, shopping online can be a great way to keep the costs down and to avoid impulse purchases too. Especially for first orders, you can find you’ll be offered an introductory discount too, so have a snoop online to find your favourite products.

Catalogue shopping

A bit less hi-tech than online shopping, catalogue shopping from the likes of Avon does boast the advantage of the fact that your representative can usually get you free samples to try out. And again, you can escape falling prey to those alluring impulse buys!

Check the product weight

There is a great range of budget makeup options out there which does make getting what you want and at the right price much more convenient. Do be savvy when checking out product weight though, since lower end brands often use deceptive packaging to make it look as though there is more product than there actually is, when you could be getting a better deal on a more expensive product. Concealers, lipsticks and powder compacts are especially prey to this, so always check the weight.

Look out for promotions

Multi-buy offers, discounts, promotions for freebies and more – these are all a fantastic way of making the most of your money when shopping for beauty essentials. Check out online deals too and sign up for newsletters so that you never miss out on a promotion.

Take advantage of loyalty cards

Many beauty brands and makeup shops offer free loyalty cards so that you can collect points and enjoy special offers, so if you are a big makeup fan you should definitely sign up for these. It means you’ll be able to stay up to date with what’s happening in the world of beauty plus possibly save on future purchases too.

With a little bit of effort you can easily save on your beauty buys, so it’s time to start saving your pennies on your purchases!

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