Sun-kissed summer look

The later spring months and the start of summer can frankly be a tricky time fashion and beauty wise. The mornings are still freezing, the afternoons roasting and we’re still emerging somewhat from our winter cocoons and are feeling generally pale and ready to shed those winter layers.

You can easily bounce into summer like a pro and looking like a sun-kissed beach bunny just by investing a little bit of thought and effort into your beauty routine. So are you ready to look like you’ve just skipped off the beach at St. Tropez? Read on for some sun-kissed and summery beauty tips.

1 Get scrubbing!

There is nothing quite like indulging in a good all-over body scrub to get your skin looking bright again after its months of hiding under copious amounts of knitwear. Not only will this slough off any dry patchy skin and dead skin cells but it’ll also make Step 2 much more straight forward too. Body scrubs are pretty cheap and you can even DIY your own concoction with some granulated sugar and moisturising lotion, so there are no excuses to not get scrubbing!

2 Moisturise

Now that your skin is all peachy and glowing, you can embark on step number 2 which is some serious moisturising. If you are pale and would like to look a little bit more glowing, then this is the ideal time to invest in some moisturiser with a little bit of fake tan in it to gradually and naturally build up a great looking tan that no one but you needs to know isn’t real. This is also a much less obvious way to fake a tan than with actual fake tan formulas.

Don’t forget that as the sun gets stronger, you’ll also need to make sure your face cream also has some SPF in it too – and again you can always opt for a tinted moisturiser to give than sun-kissed glow.

3 Makeup

When it’s done in the right way (remember you’re not using a tangerine as inspiration), makeup can give you that subtle glow that somehow just makes most of us seem so bright-eyed and healthy. Do remember that less is more though. For instance don’t just slap on a darker moisturiser – remember you’ll get those dreaded and glaringly obvious tidelines. Instead use a powder bronzer with the lightest touch across your nose and cheeks to add a subtle hint of colour that’ll make you look just as though you’ve been sun-kissed.

4 Pedicure

And when it comes to achieving that sun-kissed and carefree beach look, don’t forget about your tootsies! You’ll be slipping your feet into your sandals ASAP so pay a little attention to make sure they look public ready. Enjoy a footbath, trim and paint your nails, file off any dry skin and moisturise, and your feet won’t be a source of embarrassment when those hotter days do arrive.

Now is the perfect time to start prepping to make sure you look fab this summer, and it only requires minimal effort, so don’t delay!

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