When to splurge and when to save on beauty products

No matter how pretty the packaging is, you don’t always have to spend mega bucks on the most expensive beauty products – sure it is wonderfully fun to try out the latest products but only if it doesn’t make too severe of a dent on your finances! So it is important to know what you should be splurging on and what you should be saving on when it comes to beauty products.

And that’s where we can step in to help – wade your way through the world of beauty with your purse intact.

Save – Hairspray

Although there are some pretty premium hairspray products there, if you’re budget conscious, then you really can save in this area. All you’re wanting to do is set your hairstyle so a cheap product which is going to be washed or brushed out eventually anyway will be fine. Most supermarkets even do their own brand, so try one out to see the results for yourself.

Splurge – Perfume

Perfume though is one area that we definitely recommend that you splurge in. A better quality perfume will be more powerful and will last longer, meaning that ultimately you’re going to use less than a cheaper version. Plus more work will have gone into a luxury scent, meaning it really will be dreamy!

Save – Nail Polish

Unless you’ve got a bi-monthly shellac habit, nail polish for home manis is another area where you can save. In a lot of cases, the duration of time that a polish will last is down to how it was applied and if a top coat was added, so it is easy to shop budget nail polishes and have them last. Just watch a few YouTube tutorials to make sure you’re getting the most out of whatever polish you do choose to buy.

Splurge – Lipstick

A good quality lipstick is another area in which you can splurge, and this is down to moisturising and colour intensity. More expensive and therefore better quality lipsticks will have a higher colour pigment meaning a stronger and longer-lasting colour, which like with the perfume, means you’ll be using less product. And furthermore, a quality lippie will avoid drying out your lips, meaning that they’ll be plump and healthy even when not wearing any makeup.

Save – Blusher

Apart from the makeup addicts that love a bit of dramatic contouring, blusher is one product that you don’t really need to splash out on. Even budget lines offer a great and comprehensive range of shades and formulas like cream blush, powder and stains. Blush should be light and natural looking anyway, so you don’t need a great deal of product and since it’s not the focus, it doesn’t have to be top of the line.

So have a look in your beauty and makeup arsenal and check if there are any products that you could afford to start saving on.

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